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5 beautiful stud dogs are available for breeding and to keep safe the existence of our wonderful breed.

We are very proud of our dogs as well as of their owners, this would not be possible without their effort.

Thank you!!!!

We proudly present….

from left to right:  Alois, Anton, Barry, Bruno,
Calimero, Cäsar and Edmund vom Wasserwirt





Show Team

Bernhardiner vom Wasserwirt



Welcome to the homepage of the
Saint Bernards Kennel vom Wasserwirt!

The Saint Bernard...

The gentle giants convince by their imposing appearance, their good-natured character, being strength, calmness and attentiveness.

The Saint is a very tough dog that initially was breeded for being a rescue dog or to carry heavy loads on it´s back.

In the meantime the Saint Bernard became a faithful companion as well as a family member.